Complete Medical Waste Solutions

Oncore Technology's comprehensive medical waste disposal system not only brings greater control over your facility's waste streams, but also delivers time and cost savings while eliminating external liabilities.

Any complete medical waste disposal service requires addressing problems from start to finish. At Oncore Technology, we believe that the complete solution for biomedical waste management involves providing the tools necessary for healthcare facilities to achieve maximum control over their waste streams from start to finish. Our medical waste disposal service is designed to evaluate methods, offer recommendations, and equip a facility for effective disposal of medical wastes onsite. Oncore’s biohazard waste disposal solution provides a range of benefits from increased regulatory compliance to liability reduction, all while safely protecting your bottom line.

For Your Information
Is onsite treatment safe?

Actually, risks and liability are significantly reduced by treating your medical waste onsite with the Oncore Technology system.

What does it cost?
Less than you pay now for offsite or onsite waste treatment and disposal, plus there are no capital outlay expenses for equipment.
Regulated Medical Waste
Affordable Waste Treatment and Disposal

We provide a range of biohazard waste treatment services medical waste generators that are as affordable as they are effective, no matter the size of your facility.

Document Destruction
HIPAA and Sensitive Records

The unique biohazardous waste disposal system used for final processing of treated medical waste also allows facilities to effectively process their sensitive documents onsite.

Waste Auditing and Tracking
Waste Stream Analysis

Evaluating facility processes and offering recommendations for efficient biological waste management provide cost savings and increased regulatory compliance.